Choosing the best profile picture

Sep 17, 2018

Once you start looking for a relationship online, having the best dating profile pictures becomes essential

When people look at your profile, they will mostly use your picture to determine if they want to talk. 

Give that, it is no wonder that people want to make sure that they have good dating profile pictures

You want to find the very best picture to maximise your chances of success. However, you do not necessarily rely on an older picture. 

Even if it is one of the best dating profile pictures you have ever taken. This is because it is also about sending the right message. 

When we look at old pictures of ourselves we recognise what we see. We have a tendency to notice the things that have stayed the same. 

This means that we think old profile pictures are more accurate than they really are. 

On the other hand, people are much more likely to notice the things that have changed in other's pictures. So even if you think that an older picture is one of your good dating profile pictures, the people looking at it may disagree.

Taking the Best Dating Profile Pictures

When taking a new profile picture there are a lot of possibilities. Before you do you should probably consider the following.

Smile Naturally

Some people avoid smiling because of the wrinkles it causes. However, people are attracted to a genuinely happy face so it is worth doing.


Wait for the Right Time of Day

Take your picture in afternoon or later. This is when the light is best and people like seeing pictures taken in the evening.

Get Rid of the Flash

The flash is going to make you look worse. It has been said to age people by as much as 7 years so use soft light instead to get your best dating profile pictures.

Incluse a Full-Body Picture

Good dating profile pictures include more than just a face. You are far more likely to get responses if people can see what your body type is.

Take Solo Pictures

A lot of people like to use a group picture for their dating profiles. This is a mistake as it is more likely to be confusing than anything else.

Use Your Locations

Pictures taken outside or in an interesting location where it is clear you are doing something are much more likely to get attention. So get out if your house before getting out the camera.

Use Your Imagination

Believe it or not, black and white pictures actually get more likes. Doing something a little different can get you more attention.

Get a Second Opinion

An outside opinion is going to be helpful. Good dating profile pictures can sometimes be overlooked so getting a second or third set of eyes to check can make all the difference.